Scottish Community Development Network - National Conference

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Tuesday 30 November 2021 - 10:00 to 14:00


Scottish Community Development Network

Community Development: grassroots activism at the heart of democracy

The Scottish Community Development Network (SCDN) is a member-led organisation, for community workers and community development workers, paid or unpaid, full or part time, from the community, voluntary or public sectors, who support the principles and practice of community development. SCDN is open to anyone with an interest in community development in Scotland.

This year's conference will explore what practitioners can do ensure grassroots action is at the heart of local democracy, preventing communities from being left behind. Join us as we discuss how investment in community development can build political capacity and how strong strategic processes form a crucial part of the effectiveness of local democracy.

What are the priorities in our local communities and how in tune are they with the Scottish Government's route map to a fairer Scotland and the policy aspiration of Democratic Renewal?

Having different systems and approaches to local democracy is both commendable and welcomed. This will however require essential investment in communities and the skilled intervention of community development to increase the political capacity of our communities to meaningfully engage in this process.

Join in for a thought-provoking and inspiring event.