Shared Use Commercial Kitchen, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

Contact Person: Nicola Sumner-Smith Email: Phone: 01446 704707

Summary of Project

Exploring the different models of running a shared use commercial kitchen, to support the following producers who:

•        wish to work at a larger scale from time to time, which their regular kitchens do not allow. This may include dealing with an unusually large order, seasonal demand, or testing larger scale production

•        want access to equipment that they cannot yet afford, or not sure of its suitability for the job in hand

•        are potential produces, and wish to have access to space that meets health and safety regulations without registering their own kitchens whilst they work on the product development

More information

Planned activities are as follows:

  1. Visiting shared kitchens and project leads to learn about best practice, creating a written toolkit to shareknowledge learnt

  2. Hosting events with expert speakers such as shared kitchen project leads, and environmental health

  3. Engagement activities with development staff such as LAGs, local authorities, other organisations, and potential kitchen hosts

What we are looking for in partners

Projects identified in Wales, but understand from the event that there may be interest from Scotland and others.