Transnational cooperation offer from Polish Local Action Group

Name of organisation/business: 
Zakole Dolnej Wisły
Krzysztof Nowacki Prezes Lokalnej Grupy Działania „Zakole Dolnej Wisły” Ul. Chełmińska 7b 86-253 Kijewo Królewskie 56 676 44 36

Summary of Project

The Polish Local Action Group called 'Lower Vistula Bend' are now preparing their local development strategy for the years 2015-2023. In the strategy they would like to implement an international cooperation project with the country of the European Union. Their passion and mainstream activities is the promotion and valorisation of local products. Therefore, they have an idea for a project described below for which they need a partner.

More information

The project would look to organise a series of international workshops to develop Code of Good Practices in terms of:

  • valorization and promotion of local products
  • creation of short food supply chains
  • development of markets for local products

Elaboration and printing Code of Good Practices in the language of each partner.

Exchange of experiences within the aforementioned range, including:

  • visiting of local processing incubators
  • presentation of a model local method of selling local products of each of the partners
  • participation in at least one fair of local and traditional products of each of the partners

Organisation of conferences of each partners in order to popularise Code of Good Practices.

Promotion of the project through:

  • the project's website in the language of each partner in order to popularise results of the project
  • calendar of the project with marked events

What we are looking for in partners

Partners in the European Union interested in promotion of local produce