Women in Agriculture, Perth: Motivate & Inspire – Be Brave, Push Your Boundaries!

Women in Agriculture, Perth: Motivate & Inspire – Be Brave, Push Your Boundaries!

Heather Wildman.
Tuesday 8 June 2021 - 20:00 to 21:00


Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service

As part of the Women in Agriculture Motivate & Inspire Series, the Perthshire Group are hosting a meeting with the highly driven Heather Wildman.

Heather is well known by many as the driving force behind Saviour Associates and has helped many farming families tackle the topic of succession.
However, that was not how Heather’s career started or how she envisaged it. Heather will tell her story of how sometimes things don’t work out as planned but that is okay – your path can change but it is all about having the confidence to walk through the other door that will inevitably open!

As Richard Branson would say: if you fall flat on your face, at least you’re moving forward. All you have to do is get back up and try again.

Join us on Tuesday 8th June at 8pm to hear Heather tell her story in the honest and straight-talking fashion for which she is known.
Heather has had the courage over the years to step up to a number of positions including Nuffield Scholarship 2012, Women in Agriculture Scotland Committee and a director of RHASS and we will hear also about this journey and how Heather got involved in all these things.

Come along to be motivated and inspired by Heather to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.
Let’s inspire women in agriculture to be brave and push their boundaries!

Please note during the webinar, it is only the speakers that will be seen/heard. Participants will still be able to interact and ask questions via the chat function though.