Population decline in Scotland’s sparsely populated and rural areas, as highlighted in the Herald’s special investigation last week, is a perennial challenge.
SRN have been working in partnership with CoDeL to identify community practices and learning opportunities that could help to inform policy development including measures to tackle poverty within rural and island communities. Here Thomas Fisher, Director of CoDeL, reflects on a knowledge exchange between Glenkens and Uist.
Jim Hume Director of Public Affairs & Communications Change Mental Health and leads work on the National Rural Mental Health Forum. In this week’s blog Jim reflects on the work of Change Mental Health, its recent rebranding and some up and coming events.
Last month (January 2024) 30 young people from all over rural and island Scotland where funded by the Scottish Rural Network to attend a parliamentary debate and meet the Scottish Cabinet as a direct result of a Scottish Rural and Island Youth Parliament outputs. Here Catriona Mallows, Campaigns and Communications Lead with Scottish Rural Action (SRA) reflects on the day.
The OECD has published a report focusing on Rural Innovation in Scotland - 'Enhancing Innovation in Rural Regions: Scotland (UK)'. Jane Craigie, rural communicator and marketer, founder of the Rural Youth Project is a member of OECD’s expert panel on enhancing rural innovation which developed the report. In this blog, Jane reflects on why innovation is an essential aspect of rural living and on the development of the report.
A platform, with vibrant branding, that is full of stories of enterprising younger people who have returned, settled or stayed in Uist, that reaches young people and builds confidence within island communities. So what are the secret ingredients?
This month's blog has an update on their current busy calving season as well as celebrating a day which Sophie closely believes in.
Sophie is back! After nearly 9 months of maternity leave, Sophie returns with an update of life on the farm and now life as a mum of two with her new addition(s)!
Last year SRN supported CoDeL member Rosie Macleod to attend the Arctic Circle Assembly, held in Iceland.  Check out their blog article where Rosie reflects on the event including the opportunities and learning. 
Blog post from Dr. Liz Barron-Majerik, Co-chair of the Commission for the Land-Based Review, a short-term advisory group assembled to provide independent, evidence-based advice to Scottish Ministers.