Forestry and woodlands

Sheep and Trees Q&A: Small woodland creation on your farm

The Sheep and Trees grant for small woodlands (up to 50 hectares) is unusual in that it can be used to fund infrastructure too. Sheep and beef farmer Andrew Whiteford used his to create a road leading to woodland on 3500-acre Burnfoot Farm in Dumfries and Galloway. Join Soil Association Scotland with Andrew, woodland creation consultant Peter Atkinson, and Woodland Officer Andrew Kitching of Scottish Forestry, to discuss:

Scottish Government and Scottish Forestry are establishing a new demonstrator network of farms, crofts and estates across Scotland, to raise awareness of the multiple benefits that planting trees can bring to an agricultural business. These include but are not limited to: providing shelter for livestock; habitat for wildlife; reducing carbon footprint; providing future income from timber; and prevention of flooding. The aim is to encourage more trees to be planted on Scottish farmland, in the right place, for

Find out about some current rural development jobs and vacancies in rural areas.

Development Manager - John O’Groats Mill Trust 

Planting Trees to Diversify Your Farm: Woodland creation, management and funding

For over 40 years, the Lockett family has been slowly but steadily planting trees on their farm in the Highlands, and using them to diversify their activity. Richard Lockett, also of the Scottish Farming and Wildlife Advisors Group (SCOTFWAG), will discuss how, as well as using the trees for livestock shelter and for wood fuel, they have created public woodland, wetlands and wildflower meadows and opened a B&B. Come along to discuss:

Six Farm Conservation Advisers, members of the Scottish Farming and Wildlife Advisers Group (ScotFWAG), have worked with over 60 Scottish farmers to create habitat benefiting many species of birds and bees.  The farmers involved in the project stretch from Shetland and Orkney to The Borders.

VirtRural Careers

The aim of this event is to raise awareness and increase knowledge of the careers available in Scotland’s land-based, aquaculture and environmental conservation sector. Due to the pandemic, we are going virtual, with the event being open to anyone interested in finding out more about careers in our sector, whether that be career influencers, students, parents or career changers.

Trees for Life is asking people across the Highlands to report sightings of red squirrels for the Great Scottish Squirrel Survey from 21-27 September.

The rewilding charity wants to increase sightings of the animals across the region during the week and beyond – whether in gardens, local communities or in woodlands.

Integrating woodland on new entrant farms and crofts

This interactive lunchtime webinar will be hosted by Lynbreck Croft, who will share their experiences of woodland expansion and tree planting, navigating grant systems and providing practical advice.  You will also hear from Lyn White, Scottish Forestry who will outline the grants options available to support woodland expansion on new entrant farms and crofts.  Finally, the webinar will feature a virtual tour of the Glensaugh Farm Agrofores

Farming with trees by the Lake of Menteith

Online event, hosted by Matt Woods from Nether Glenny Farm, Lake of Menteith

The Lake of Menteith is a fishery so water quality is important; it is also surrounded by farms. Join Matt Woods, from Nether Glenny Farm at the top of the lake, and Niels Corfield, agroforestry expert, to hear how farming with trees can be beneficial to your farm and improve water quality in the process.

Scottish Forestry is warning developers to get in touch before felling trees or risk hefty fines or losing the chance to build on a site for up to 10 years.

Since April 2019, the felling permissions system changed and with it the penalties increased greatly.