Mairi Gougeon, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Land Reform and Islands, has signed off the 'Agriculture and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill - Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment'. 

The new Agriculture and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill aims to provide the legal framework to deliver:

Noss National Nature Reserve (NNR) has reopened to the public (Wednesday, May 1st) with a new-look visitor centre.

The Noss ferry is preparing to resume service for the season and NatureScot wardens Jen Clark - returning to the post for her seventh season - and new recruit Aidan Doherty are looking forward to welcoming visitors back to the spectacular Shetland island.

Tourism & Renewables Conference

What role does the Highlands have to play on the path to green energy? How will these efforts impact tourism in the region? What opportunities will there be for the local communities and destinations? How can brand Highlands, with a bold vision, bind the two sectors for the greater good of the Highlands - economically socially and environmentally?

Go Falkland

GO Falkland brings together vital voices and organisations in Regenerative Farming and Forestry at Falkland Estate, Falkland, Fife. It aims to generate awareness, engagement and agency in people and organisations across Regenerative Land Use in Scotland. Led by farmers and those who work the land, we are here to co-design and work together towards a healthier and fairer future in Scotland’s food and farming systems.


This SEDA Land event on integrated land use could help shape the Scottish Government's delivery plan for its Third Land Use Strategy 2021-2026. SEDA will look at how Scotland might balance the competing needs of land for food production, timber for construction and bioproducts as an alternative to fossil fuels, at the  same time as allowing space for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and recreation.

Researchers from The James Hutton Institute and the University of Aberdeen are leading efforts to advance the evidence-base for river woodland restoration in Scotland.  

Views are being sought by the Scottish Government on developing a new Natural Capital Market Framework.

Woodland Creation & Peatland Restoration: Opportunities

In this webinar, Rethink Carbon explore how the Rethink Platform uncovers financial and environmental land use opportunities in seconds. Focusing on woodland creation and peatland restoration in Scotland, our Rethink Carbon experts Zoë and Freddie will guide you through the journey of land use scoping, planning and collaboration in the Rethink Platform.

Forests and Landscapes Network - Can land use decision-making tools be effective?

Digital tools are promoted as a way to inform decisions about land use change for the mitigation of biodiversity loss and climate change. But there is still a lack of clarity about how these tools work and how they are used by decision makers, including land managers.

Grants to help support a wide range of environmental improvement projects have been given to communities across Scotland.  The money will enable local people to take a hands-on approach to improving their local environment by supporting a varied range of practical ideas.