Developing pilgrim trails, Vail of Glamorgan, Wales

Contact Person: Kaz van den Berg Email: Phone: 01446 704799

Summary of Project

To develop and extend the pilgrim trail from the existing St Illtyd Way which currently finishes in our neighbouring authority Bridgend, taking in the key religious sites (the earliest centre of Christian Learning @ Llantwit Major) whilst being a safe, pleasant and attractive route. Previous attempts to create a route were halted, due to difficulties in crossing authority borders with planned housing growth sites. More information is needed to enable the route to be planned and executed effectively.

More information

Planned activities are as follows:                                                                                       

1) Best practice in route design – sharing/exchanging of ideas and experience from their countries.

2) How to develop routes across local authority borders and where public rights of way are disconnected and safeguard routes.

3) Piloting implementation of a trail.

What we are looking for in partners

Any in the UK.