ENERTIA - ENergy Efficiency with Renovation Technologies and Innovative FinAnce

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Outer Hebrides LEADER
Scottish Rural Development Programme priority: 
Supporting rural communities
Charlene Macmillan Charlene.macmillan@cne-siar.gov.uk +44 (0)1851 501 600 Comhairle nan Eilean siar, Sandwick Road, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, HS1 2BW

Summary of Project

Fuel poverty is running at a rate of 60% in the Western Isles of Scotland with the challenge of escalating energy costs and low energy efficiency levels. ENERTIA sets out an approach to deep renovations with saving targets of 60-80% in the private housing stock. This will be achieved by a systems integration approach where innovative technology and building envelope solutions are considered in a holistic manner at an early stage with new dynamic simulation methods coupled with financial mechanisms under an Energy Performance Contracting method where a shared responsibility between the owner and the EPC raises funds which enables both parties to achieve significant savings with energy efficiency measures.

There are many proposals in the Outer Hebrides Housing Strategy 2017-2022 which involve many stakeholders from agencies, local authority and community trusts where the strategy supports Community Landlords in developing housing opportunities and energy efficiency measures.

More information

In the Western Isles of the 11,000 private sector households around 6,000 require deep renovations. With a high level of fuel poverty and the fact that 22% are in extreme fuel poverty with a projected level of 80% being elderly households suggests an aging population with escalating energy costs where the application of existing energy efficiency measures cannot keep pace with escalating domestic fuel costs. The conclusion is to apply deeper renovations which will make a significant impact to effectively eliminate fuel poverty. ENERTIA proposes mechanism with technical, financial and contractual solutions that includes a mix of applying new technologies fully evaluated by deep dynamic simulation to achieve the optimum combination of technologies, evaluation of the most appropriate financial mechanism and the funding/implementation by Energy Performance Contractors where the risk is shared and the benefits of such renovations are a win/win for both parties.

ENERTIA will require a cooperation partnership with other partners/agencies in other countries with similar challenges. The methods of tackling fuel poverty require an approach to deep renovations where the key to achievement is based on many activities to minimize the financial element by maximizing the impact of new technology solutions.

An initial preparation stage will involve detailed project meetings to develop both national and EU partner dialogues and establish a structure for knowledge transfer and information exchange

A full Feasibility Study is required and will include:

  • evaluation of new technology solutions for energy efficiency and technical innovations
  • specific new product developments liaison with manufacturers
  • visits to exemplar deep renovation projects
  • evaluation of Energy Performance Contracting and lessons learnt
  • developing proposals for financial delivery mechanisms and legal implications

What we are looking for in partners

ENERTIA is interested in Energy Agencies and Social Housing Organizations that have approached the challenge of fuel poverty in a rural context with a mix of new technology innovations, full technical simulations, Energy Performance Contracting and financial mechanisms appropriate to deep and financially challenging renovations.

Partners from European Union countries with similar weather profiles would be preferred.