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Orkney is made up of 70 islands, 18 of which are inhabited.

Orkney is both a rural and island community and economy in an extremely peripheral location off the north coast of Scotland which gives rise to a unique mix of opportunities and challenges.

Aims and objectives

The aim of the Local Development Strategy is:

"To achieve an increase in sustainable employment and incomes, and in social cohesion and quality of life, and to conserve and enhance the high quality of the heritage and environment while maximising the benefits in economic, social and environmentally sustainable terms."

The overall aim will be delivered by giving strategic priority to supporting the following themes:

  • Support small business and enterprise start-up, growth and diversification
  • Support for Orkney’s tourism, cultural heritage, crafts, and food & drink sectors
  • Support for Orkney community services and facilities
  • Support for Orkney’s natural environment and development of sustainable energy
  • Support development of Orkney’s fisheries sector and communities

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Contact details

Alison Barclay - LEADER Programme Development Officer

Michelle Koster