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The South Aberdeenshire LAG (SALAG) operating area covers approximately three decentralised committees of Aberdeenshire Council: the Garioch, Kincardine and Mearns and Marr areas of Aberdeenshire, except for the area within the Cairngorms National Park Authority boundary which is covered by the Cairngorms LEADER LAG.

The SALAG operating area therefore includes three towns with populations over 10,000: Inverurie, Stonehaven and Westhill. These small towns are included because while they are technically classified as ‘other urban’ areas they are important population centres, retail and service centres for residents and tourists, and centres of employment for adjacent rural settlements and the wider rural hinterland.

Aims and objectives

The Local Development Strategy vision is for a strong, thriving South Aberdeenshire where people in rural communities are motivated to make change happen.

  • Connecting people and places - By 2020, people who live and work in South Aberdeenshire are better connected, physically, emotionally and digitally, through a range of active, affordable and sustainable solutions
  • Developing key economic sectors - By 2020, South Aberdeenshire realises its full economic potential with more and better employment opportunities for its people provided through creating or enhancing micro and small and medium-sized rural and fisheries enterprises (including social enterprises), increasing the skills base and creating new jobs
  • Promoting and protecting the environment - By 2020, South Aberdeenshire will be a lower carbon society that enjoys, conserves and makes the most of its natural environment and assets
  • Enriching and positive activities for all - By 2020, people who live and work in South Aberdeenshire will have better access to opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing and to participating in local arts, culture and heritage
  • Cooperating with other countries and areas - By 2020, South Aberdeenshire will have established cooperation projects which, through innovation, networking and knowledge exchange, contribute to meeting the objectives of the other four Local Development Strategy themes and associated priorities

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