LEADER guidance

Guidance for applicants

The submission of an EoI is the first formal step in applying for LEADER funding. You can find out more about the process in:

If you are applying for LEADER funding, please download the General applicant guidance.

Local Action Group guidance

If you are a member of a Local Action group please see the Project Assessment and Expression of Interest (EoI) guidance below.

Previous versions of guidance

For previous versions of this guidance, visit the Guidance archive.

LARCS Video Guides

These video guides provide a high level overview of the application and claims processes through a demo which applicants can use for an initial look at the LARCs system.

Application Guide Part 1

Applicants Guide Part 1 from ScottishRuralNetwork on Vimeo.

Application Guide Part 2

Applicants Guide Par t2 from ScottishRuralNetwork on Vimeo.


Claims from ScottishRuralNetwork on Vimeo.