Share the experience - I know how to be eco

Name of organisation/business: 
Zielony Szlak Niziny Mazowieckiej
Scottish Rural Development Programme priority: 
Protecting and improving the natural environment
Marta Ryl-Świderska + 48 (29) 761 60 78

Summary of Project

The general aim of the cooperation project is to raise the awareness of residents of the area about the protection of the environment through the organisation of promotional and educational events.

The project will consist of the dissemination of opportunities and benefits of different methods of environmental protection, such as renewable energy sources, the use of eco-friendly solutions in the farms and the waste segregation. Partners working together, organise joint projects and exchanging knowledge and experiences in this regard, reach to a bigger number of residents, to better promote of renewable energy sources, indications of waste segregation and to engage young people in environmental activities.


More information

The main activity of the project is to create by all cooperation partners “internet stalls” showing the use of different ways to protect the environment and landscape as a form of dissemination of knowledge. The role of this stall will be showing the information on websites about environmental protection. “Stall” will activate local society through  different, open, pro-ecological contests.  Local Action Groups (LAGs) involved in the project will set up a commission that will evaluate the competition works and application of "good practices" in the ecological action. In this way will raise up a map of good solutions in way of environmental protection on areas of our LAG.

Each LAG partner will prepare "stalls” as bookmarks for web pages that will be mutually fit together. One of the forms of mobilization of society will be prizes for participants of the project.

During the project promotional events will be organised, one in the area of each partner.  The partners will jointly present the different effects the exchange of experience and the results of the competitions. Also promoted in the course of the events will be environmentally friendly behaviour, there will be lectures, exhibitions and meetings with experts, who will present the benefits of using renewable energy sources. During the event there gadgets and surveys will be distributed.

The project's proposed objectives are:

  • disseminating a wide knowledge on climate changes and risks arising from them

  • inspiring and encouraging residents to widen their knowledge on ecological issues

  • to draw attention to the problems of global climate

  • collecting opinions and ideas

  • education skills of observation of the world around us

  • addressed to all the inhabitants of the area (all sectors)

What we are looking for in partners

Local Action Groups whose in Local Development Strategy points to the qualities of the natural environment and the importance of nature conservation.