Steps towards payment for outcomes on common pastures, Swansea, Wales

Contact Person: Gwyn Jones Email: Phone: 01545 572066

Summary of Project

Take LAGs together one, two, or more steps along this road – LAGs that share the needs set out above, even despite the differences in legal frameworks and geographies.  How far each will go along that path is contingent on local capacity, aspirations and budgetary constraints and will be determined in significant part in the preparatory exercise, but the initial steps will certainly be taken together.

More information

Planned activities are as follows:                                                            

  • Initial scoping in the preparatory phase against the background of Dartmoor’s experience, with a chance to learn directly on the ground from their facilitators, administrators and graziers

  • Expert input from Hen Harrier Project and other relevant initiatives (e.g. Serra do Xistra LIFE project in Galicia), whether in terms of mentoring visits to project partners or study visits

  • Reciprocal visits between the partner areas, both in local clusters where appropriate and over the project as a whole

  • Overall coordination at a whole project level, with a common protocol developed and implemented for at least the first stages of the work

  • Synthesis report at the whole project and national levels (as well as locally where more appropriate)

What we are looking for in partners

Any partners.