Building a transnational capacity-building network for common land graziers – taking the first steps

Name of organisation/business: 
Torfaen Local Action Group
Nikki Williams 01495 742147 Torfaen County Borough Council, Civic Centre, Pontypool, Torfaen, NP4 6YB

Summary of Project

Creation of a formal capacity-building, experience-sharing, mutually-supportive and collaboration-catalysing network for graziers of common and communal land and their organisations from across Europe. A transnational workshop in SE Wales, UK, will act as a focus for the initial development work and formulate an action plan for the next 2 years, including further transnational cooperation projects.

More information

Common/communal land is extremely important for socio-economically marginal communities and for the delivery of public goods. Extremely diverse, they all share the same marginalisation in policy, with their complicated issues being left until last in policy development and the same result of policies which don't really fit and so don't deliver in terms of social, economic or environmental sustainability. The need to exchange best practice and develop solutions together is really urgent.

In 2015, the first ever meeting of Europe’s common graziers was held in Brussels, with 40 delegates from 6 countries. This first meeting was about starting to get to know each other and our diverse circumstances. That meeting resolved to convene an extended network, funding permitting, with a view to exploring in more details our shared issues and pulling together an action plan.

1) To hold a transnational stakeholder event for common graziers which will:

- initiate the drawing up an action plan for European common pastures agreed and written, with individuals/ organisations to take it forward identified;

- mandate the drawing up of a proposal for transnational cooperation project drawn up to take the initiative forward to the next stage.

2) Production, agreeing and dissemination of the action plan;

3) Formulation, agreeing and submission of the cooperation project.

The primary target group is organisations of common graziers, or individual graziers where such groups do not exist. The secondary target group is organisations and agencies who work closely with such organisations of graziers.

What we are looking for in partners

All EU, EFTA, Accession/Candidate States. Organisations of common graziers or which work closely in support of common graziers at grassroots levels. Public authorities who support common grazing and better governance by graziers.

Languages spoken: English and Welsh.

We have access to technically-competent speakers of ES, FR, BG.