Community Land Scotland Annual Conference: Sharing Scotland's Land Wealth

This year the conference will focus on how Scotland can create a fairer society, when land ownership in our rural areas, towns and cities remains the privilege of the few. What impact is this having on people and communities’ access to land and housing? What more can we all do to use Scotland’s land more sustainably? The event will focus on how Scotland can make a just transition to net zero and the role of community owned land and buildings in generating community wealth and confidence.

Farmers, crofters and land managers now have access to the new guidance on financial support for activity that will improve awareness of their climate performance.

Green finance, land reform and a just transition to net zero

This webinar discusses issues raised in ‘Green finance, land reform and a just transition to net zero’ by Jon Hollingdale, the latest in Community Land Scotland’s independent discussion paper series on ‘Land Reform and the Common Good’.

RSABI marks its 125th anniversary of providing outstanding emotional, practical and financial support to farming and crofting communities.

Listen to the latest episode of On Farm podcast where Mairi Gougeon talks with the representatives from the Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs about some important issues affecting rural communities.

The Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker 2021, undertaken by Visit Scotland on behalf of Scottish Agritourism measured, for the first time, the potential of the country’s agritourism industry.

The Scottish Government published the Agricultural Wages in Scotland guide for workers and employers which details the minimum hourly rates of pay and other terms and conditions for agricultural workers in Scotland.

Communities and individuals will soon have access to information to enable them to find out who has a controlling interest in Scotland’s land.

As part of its long running commitment to improve transparency of land ownership, the Scottish Government is introducing a new Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest (RCI) in land on 1 April 2022.

People are to be supported to drive forward innovation and knowledge transfer in agriculture, helping businesses contribute to the green economic recovery by farming and crofting more sustainably.

Applications have opened for the next round of the Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund (KTIF) for projects aiming to introduce new and innovative approaches in agricultural practice or improve sector knowledge transfer and skills.

The evaluation of New Entrants and Young Farmers Start-Up Grant Schemes has been published on the Scottish Government website - you can read the full document here.