Farming, food, nature and public money - workshop

This workshop is designed to gather views from the people of Scotland. Anyone interested in food, nature, and wellbeing is welcome to attend. You do not have to be an expert in any of these fields to contribute. You can expect a welcoming and inclusive space, and an engaging discussion.

The nature agencies of the four nations of the United Kingdom have come together, ahead of COP15 in December, to call on governments to keep biodiversity loss and climate change at the top of the agenda.

The Scottish Government are investing around £50 million a year into a portfolio of strategic research to ensure that Scotland maintains its position at the very cutting edge of advances in agriculture, natural resources and the environment. This will continue to build an evidence base to support policy needs in the environment, natural resources and agriculture portfolio and contribute to the delivery the National Performance Framework.

Trees and carbon credits on your farm

Join the Integrating Trees Network to hear and discuss what the Woodland Carbon Code is, how it works, and what makes your trees eligible.

European Regenerative Agriculture Community Conference

The AgriCaptureCO2 project is delighted to present the second edition of the European Regenerative Agriculture Community Conference. Set up in November 2021, the European Regenerative Agriculture Community is a space for exchange and learning among farmers, researchers, and other stakeholders interested in regenerative farming.

A pioneering community group in Glengarry in the Scottish Highlands has this week launched a bid to raise £250,000 to fund Glengarry Forest Cabins (GFC), a sustainable new eco-tourism destination in the area.

A ground-breaking initiative, which has distributed almost £3 million to transform the health of Scotland’s coasts and seas, opens its first privately-funded grant round.

The Scottish Marine Environmental Enhancement Fund (SMEEF) is Scotland’s only major green finance initiative, with funding from both the public and private sector, focussed on restoring the marine and coastal environment.

The latest cycle of a programme promoting sustainable innovation and transformational change in the agricultural sector has taken a step forward.

Backed by £1.7 million of funding, nine farms across Scotland will take part in the Scottish Monitor Farm Programme (MFP).

The programme focuses on practical farming and good business practices to build resilient, dynamic farms focused on reaching full economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Developments which reduce carbon emissions to tackle climate change and restore nature would be promoted under finalised proposals for long term planning reform.

A new nature reserve in the uplands of Dumfries and Galloway has doubled in size with the legal completion of the South of Scotland’s largest community buyout, in what organisers say is a ‘moment of history and hope’ for nature, climate and people.