What is Cooperation?

Visit to Scottish farm from Walloon delegation

Want to share knowledge, experience and ideas with people in other rural areas? Interested in working together to find better solutions to rural challenges?

You can share  your cooperation project ideas and call for partners on our website, and search for people and organisations who are looking for others to work with on cooperation projects. If you have a cooperation offer you'd like to share please send information to info@ruralnetwork.scot

Cooperation is about working on a project with organisations or groups in different places. This could be different areas in Scotland, the UK, Europe or even further afield.

Often rural businesses or communities in different parts of the country, or further afield, face similar challenges. Cooperation projects are a fantastic opportunity to learn from, and with, people in other rural areas. It's a chance to work together towards common goals, see what's working well in other places and develop new ways of doing things.

When a project is with organisations in other countries it is called a transnational cooperation project. 

Cooperation is an important part of many of the schemes in the Scottish Rural Development Programme particularly:

If you have an idea for a cooperation project get in touch with your LEADER Local Action Group (if your idea is for a LEADER project) or contact the Scottish Rural Network Support Unit on 0131 244 2230 or email info@ruralnetwork.scot.