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The CropTec Show

Meet with the arable industry in person at The CropTec Show, the leading arable event for knowledge exchange, on 24th & 25th November to connect, learn and find the latest products and services for your arable business.

Wool – Marketing/Festival and non-traditional uses

We are seeking potential cooperation partners to develop a wool festival and explore product diversification into non-traditional uses such as insulation

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New ways of Delivering Non–Statutory services

To undertake a familiarisation visit to Scotland with a view to looking at opportunities for implementing a social/green prescribing service similar to those currently being delivered in Scotland (Branching Out).

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Engagement to support local capacity building

To learn from examples of best practice with regard to innovative techniques of engagement with communities, sectors and different groups e.g. Town/Community Councils

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Sustainable Land Management

To look at opportunities for sustainable land management/community farming/new ways of farming the land.

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Transnational Quirky Games, Wales and Finland

To develop a programme of quirky games hosted by each country in turn.  Arwain have teamed up with the World Alternative Games (based in Powys), who already organise bi-annual games including bog snorkelling, man v horse, wife carrying, husband dr

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Steps towards payment for outcomes on common pastures, Swansea, Wales

Take LAGs together one, two, or more steps along this road – LAGs that share the needs set out above, even despite the differences in legal frameworks and geographies.  How far each will go along that path is contingent on local capacity, aspirati

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Shared Use Commercial Kitchen, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

Exploring the different models of running a shared use commercial kitchen, to support the following producers who:

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Developing pilgrim trails, Vail of Glamorgan, Wales

To develop and extend the pilgrim trail from the existing St Illtyd Way which currently finishes in our neighbouring authority Bridgend, taking in the key religious sites (the earliest centre of Christian Learning @ Llantwit Major) whilst being a

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