East Lothian - Scottish Rural Parliament

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Wednesday 2 February 2022 - 19:00 to 21:00



The Scottish Rural Parliament is a powerful collective voice for people and groups from rural Scotland, including East Lothian (which is a rural area). Ahead of the Scottish Rural Parliament 2023, this mid-term event will be a chance to find out about the recommendations of the Scottish Rural Parliament 2021 and discuss how they align with priorities in East Lothian. It will also add East Lothian’s voice to the Rural Parliament and the influence it wields over national policy.

This event is part of the Tyne Esk LEADER Rural Communities Testing Change project. In the LEADER definition, all of East Lothian is classed as rural apart from the urban centre of Musselburgh. Understanding what rural communities in East Lothian have in common with others across Scotland, and where people’s priorities differ, will help to shape a needs-based strategy for potential continuation funding for community-led local development after EU LEADER funding ends in March 2022.

The event will feature an address by Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands, Mairi Gougeon.