Five reasons to go on a project visit

Norette Ferns

In the run up to the Scottish Rural Parliament, Norette Ferns from the Scottish Rural Network Support Unit shares her top reasons why you should consider booking your spot on one of four project visits taking place as part of the event.

The chance to visit rural projects, businesses and community initiatives is without a doubt the best thing about my job. It is a pleasure and privilege to hear from people involved in exciting projects across the country.

There is still time to book your spot on one of four exciting free project visits taking place on 14 November as part of the Scottish Rural Parliament 2018 in Stranraer.

Here are just five reasons why I think project visits are valuable and fun!

1. They're genuinely inspiring

There are so many incredible projects and businesses across rural Scotland run by dedicated staff, owners and volunteers. Going along on a project visit is a fantastic chance to see these in action, and be inspired by the positive impact these initiatives have on their local communities and economies. I always come back to the office full of enthusiasm after a project visit.

2. You get an inside view

A project visit is an opportunity to hear directly from people involved in rural initiatives – whether it’s the founders of a business, the people who use a rural service or those who volunteer. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges they face.

3. You can get top tips

If you’re thinking about setting up a similar project or business, going along on a project visit is a great way to get hints and tips from people that are already established. What would they do differently in hindsight? Who did they go to for help? Where did they get funding?

4. You'll meet new and interesting people

Project visits are a great way to make connections in an informal environment with conversations struck up on the bus, or over a coffee. These connections often last throughout the conference and after. I was on a project visit with a group of geologists once and it was fascinating. You never know who you'll meet!

5. Discover the area

Whether it’s on your doorstep or in an area you don’t know, going along on a project visit is a brilliant way to discover new places. And the best part is you don’t have to do the driving! You can just sit back and enjoy the scenery as you travel to, and between, projects.

On 14 November you can join groups on the following project visits:

  • Portpatrick Harbour and Crafty Gin Distillery - find out about community owned assets and a recently opened distillery
  • Whithorn Timescape Round House and the Book Shop, Wigtown - go back in time at Whithorn Round House then get a tour of Scotland's largest second-hand bookshop from an acclaimed author
  • Mull of Galloway Experience and Logan Botanic Gardens - visit Scotland's most southerly point and discover plants rarely seen in the UK
  • Stranraer Town Walk - find out about the vision for Stranraer and visit historic landmarks

Find out more and book your place.