Argyll & the Islands LEADER

Tarbert, Argyll by Nige Brown on Flickr Creative Commons

The Argyll and the Islands LEADER area is large, complex and diverse. It is almost entirely rural (99.3%) in nature and includes 25 inhabited islands. The area is serviced by six small rural towns, five of which have populations below 10,000, the exception being the town of Helensburgh which is also part of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.  

Aims and objectives

The aim of Argyll and the Islands LEADER is to "Support community-led economic growth and sustainable rural development within the Argyll and the Islands area" by:

  • Halting and reversing the declining population
  • Supporting and developing a stronger local economy
  • Broadening the scope of economic activity at a local level
  • Creating long-term sustainable employment particularly in those areas identified as having a fragile economic base
  • Building on our unique natural and cultural heritage

Three main LEADER themes have been identified that will shape the LEADER programme within the Argyll and the Islands area. They are:

  • Strengthen the rural economy by maximising the sustainable use of our natural, cultural and heritage resources as an economic driver.
  • Enhancing the services and attractiveness of the area for residents, visitors and investors.
  • Supporting small business including farm diversification

View the Argyll and the Islands LEADER Local Development Strategy

Contact details

Colin Fulcher - Strategic Co-ordinator, European Team, Argyll and Bute Council

Photo courtesy of Nige Brown on Flickr Creative Commons