Cairngorms LEADER

Cairngorms landscape

Cairngorms LEADER covers the Cairngorms National Park, Britain’s largest National Park (4,528km²). The Park is the location for some of the most spectacular landscapes in Britain and is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife and plants.

People living and working in the Cairngorms National Park enjoy a good quality of life because of the outstanding environment.  However people are often underemployed due to the low wages in the tourism and land based sectors and economic and personal development opportunities are limited by poor transport and broadband. This also limits businesses in the Park, most of which are small or sole traders.

There is an ageing population and young people have limited access to Further and Higher Education opportunities within the Park. House prices are prohibitive at 130% the National Average. Economic diversification is needed to build a more sustainable economy in the Park and capacity building is needed to support community development.

Aims and Objectives

The main themes in the Cairngorms LEADER Local Development Strategy are:

  • Build community capacity to facilitate and support local development through partnership working
  • Grow the economy of the park by strengthening existing business sectors, supporting business start-ups and diversification, and increasing the number of workers employed in the park
  • Attract, support and retain young people in the National Park
  • Improve transport, connectivity and service provision
  • Protection and enhancement of the National Park landscape, wildlife and local heritage
  • Excellence in sustainable tourism and recreation to enhance enjoyment of residents and visitors

All applicants to Cairngorms LEADER will need to show how they fit with 2 of the themes and how they are working in partnership to deliver their project.

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Find out more in this short film from the Cairngorms LEADER launch.

Cairngorms LEADER - 2015 from ScottishRuralNetwork on Vimeo.