Getting to grips with Fundraising

Getting to grips with Fundraising
Wednesday 20 July 2022 - 19:00 to 20:00

Online event

Rural Communities - Inspiring Scotland

 All organisations have to fundraise at some point. Working out the best way for your organisation to raise the money you need will save you time, and increase your chances of success.

Getting to Grips with Fundraising will take you through the key things you do to raise more funding for your organisation, including the different types of fundraising you can do, how to research them, and what practical things you need to have in place before you begin.

This session will be useful to you if your organisation:

  • works in a rural or island location
  • is small, grass roots and community led
  • has applied for funding in the past with mixed success
  • or has never applied for funding and is unsure how to go about it.

 Community groups working in rural and island areas play a key role in supporting a wide range of local needs and priorities. But sometimes they struggle to raise the funds they need, or to manage, plan, measure or share the impact of what they do.

Our Getting to Grips With... programme provides targeted help and support to small, community-led, grass roots organisations who have not applied for Scottish Government, LEADER or Lottery funding before, or who have been unsuccessful with any of the applications they have made.

These free, one-hour online sessions give an introduction to six areas that organisations have indicated that they worry about, or lack skills in. These include fundraising, evaluation, planning for the future, and ensuring your organisation has all the right documents and procedures in place.

With limited numbers and small groups, each session will provide targeted advice, cover basic principles, some top tips, and include opportunities to share experience with rural organisations doing similar work.