How Can Participatory Science Bring New Solutions to Ecosystem Restoration?

Bioregioning Tayside
Thursday 14 July 2022 - 16:00 to 17:00

Online Event

Bioregioning Tayside

Participatory Sciences, including Civic Science, Citizen Science and Community Science involve communities co-producing new knowledge about the places where they live and work.

How can participatory science empower communities to act in light of the climate andbiodiversity crises we face? And how can these practices be scaled up to help us achieve the social-ecological system transformation we need

Join Bioregioning Tayside for a discussion about how we could grow participatory science in Tayside and unleash its potential to enhance the resilience and regeneration of our Bioregion.

Hear from three initiatives advancing this new paradigm: 

  • Team Zostera - stewarding of the Gulf of Main's eelgrass meadows
  • Dandelion - demonstrating the power of collective experimentation to change hearts and minds about types of growing methods
  • Bioregioning Tayside - monitoring landscape changes with community science And share your ideas about how civil society can help us make the leap to a more liveable world

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