Agricultural Reform Programme - List of measures

Sophie Law

High quality, nutritious food locally and sustainably produced is key to our wellbeing – in economic, environmental, social and health terms.

The Scottish Government has set out the list of measures for the Agricultural Reform Programme (ARP) and has stated:

We will support and work with farmers and crofters to meet more of our own food needs sustainably and to farm and croft with nature.  We will support and work with the agriculture industry to meet these shared objectives.

In looking at the potential measures that will best address climate mitigation, adaption and nature restoration, our priority is on those sectors with the highest emissions, including livestock production.

The supporting document, which can be found on the Rural Payments and Services website for farmers and crofters, is intended to show the measures currently being appraised by Scottish Government. This list of measures has been built on academic research and recommendations of the Farmer Led Climate Change Groups. These measures have undergone initial evaluation of impact and ease of application on farms and crofts and cost and this evaluation process will now continue in order to ensure Scottish Government applies the most effective and applicable measures to the right tier of future support.

Agricultural Reform List of Measures (