'Agroecology: Facilitating Mindset Change'

Basket with vegetables
Monika Reichelt

'Agroecology: Facilitating Mindset Change' was one of the projects supported in most recent round of Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund aiming to widen understanding of agroecology.

The project, facilitated by Nourish Scotland, aims to help with the knowledge transfer and exchange between farmers who have started to adopt agroecological approaches and practices and those who want to learn about them.

A number of interesting case studies were produced as part of the project, sharing good practice and advice on agroecology - see below:

The project was delivered in partnership with Nourish Scotland, Landworkers’ Alliance, The Food, Farming and Countryside Commission, Pasture For Life, Soil Association Scotland and Nature Friendly Farming Network.

Agroecology is the application of ecological concepts and principals in farming and promotes farming practices that:

  • Mitigate climate change - reducing emissions, recycling resources and prioritising local supply chains.
  • Work with wildlife - managing the impact of farming on wildlife and harnessing nature to do the hard work for us, such as pollinating crops and controlling pests.
  • Put farmers and communities in the driving seat - they give power to approaches led by local people and adapt agricultural techniques to suit the local area - and its specific social, environmental and economic conditions.

To find out more about agroecology, please visit Soil Association Scotland website.