Community Led Local Development Networking Workshop event report published

Community Led Local Development Networking Workshop - 19-20 March, Studio - Glasgow - photo montage
Alan Robertson

Over the 19-20 March, a Community Led Local Development (CLLD) workshop was held at The Studio in Glasgow. The event was hosted by Angus Rural Partnership (ARP) and support by the Scottish Rural Network (SRN). 

The workshop was open to Local Action Group (LAG) chairs (or Vice Chairs) and CLLD Coordinators and followed a series of discussions between the CLLD community in late 2023, which identified a need for the CLLD network in Scotland to consider how best to work collectively and strategically to lead the implementation of CLLD going forward.

The workshop programme was developed by a small working group of LAG members and CLLD Coordintors. The aims of the workshop were:

  • To develop prospects for CLLD in the context of emerging and future rural & islands policy.
  • To explore the various ways that CLLD could be implemented in the future.
  • To agree how the CLLD community should support each other and effectively influence policy development and implementation

About 35 attendees took part in the workshop, with a 50/50 split between LAG chairs (or vice chairs) and CLLD coordinators. Over the two days, discussions covering a range of themes were undertaken with facilitated breakout sessions.