Connecting Scotland’s diaspora

Close up of globe. Photo Credit:Christian Reinke from Pexels
Susan Thomson

Applications have opened for a new pilot fund to support initiatives that promote Scotland’s international connections.

The Scottish Connections Fund is open to bids from individuals and organisations in Scotland’s international diaspora and a total of £15,000 has been allocated for this year’s pilot, which will inform the development of an expanded fund in 2024.

The fund follows a commitment in the government’s Scottish Connections Framework, which seeks to expand links and networks with Scottish people living elsewhere in the world, those with Scottish heritage, alumni of Scotland’s educational institutions, and people with professional, business, cultural or other links to Scotland.  

External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson said:

“The Scottish Government has long believed that better engaging our diaspora – family and friends of Scotland globally – can not only benefit Scotland economically and enrich our culture, but also improve Scotland’s connections and reputation.

“We know that millions around the world cherish their connections with Scotland, and we are grateful for the work of people and organisations who do so much to strengthen these links – whether that is through the promotion of our culture and heritage or Scotland’s reputation as a place to live, work, visit, study, and do business.

“This fund aims to support their work to create more vibrant, visible and connected global Scottish diaspora, and I encourage anyone with an interest to submit an application by 8 November, 2023.

The Scottish Connections Fund aims to help Scottish diaspora organisations and communities and their individual members further the aims of the Scottish Connections Framework. It promotes increased visibility or connectivity between Scottish diaspora communities outside Scotland, or with Scotland itself.

The fund supports innovative initiatives “that bring together those with a connection to Scotland, promote Scotland’s reputation and interests, and build greater connections back to Scotland itself.”

These include, but are not limited to,     

  • Community projects
  • Philanthropic projects
  • Events
  • Workshops
  • Research

Applications can be submitted here: