Find out about rural business projects across Europe

ENRD projects brochure front cover
Norette Ferns

In a new projects brochure from the European Network for Rural Development you can find out how Rural Development Programme funding has been used to support rural business across Europe.

The Supporting Rural Business projects brochure highlights inspiring examples of how to provide advice, training and networking opportunities to rural businesses, as well as targeted investment in the digital and physical infrastructure needed by rural business, both on-farm and in other rural sectors of activity.

Projects include the Boyndie Visitor Centre in Aberdeenshire, an on-farm day care centre in the Netherlands and a digital bsuiness networks project in Ireland.

Download the Supporting Rural Business projects brochure

You can also order a paper copy by visiting the EU bookshop.

You can watch our short film about the Boyndie Visitor Centre below or on Vimeo.