Funded support to help farmers manage and establish woodland

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The Farm Advisory Service (FAS) is offering funded support to help Scottish farmers manage and establish woodland, and access funding through the Forestry Grant Scheme.

FAS works with farmers and crofters to determine if woodland creation is a viable revenue source by providing funding for expert consultancy in the form of one-to-one specialist advice or an Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP).

The Forestry Grant Scheme helps farmers and crofters to derive revenue from less productive agricultural land by providing a range of financial support packages to help them to create new woodland or to manage existing woodland sustainably.

During the ILMP process, farm-specific opportunities and financial incentives available to create or manage woodland will be reviewed. Those that undertake an ILMP are also entitled to funding for specialist advice from FAS. This can be used to appoint a forester or woodland specialist to develop professional woodland creation plans that chart paths to business success.

Caroline Wood, one-to-one programme manager for the Farm Advisory Service said:

"Farmers play an important role in maintaining and protecting Scotland’s woodlands, which are a vital national resource and essential for rural development and sustainable land use. The support available from the Farm Advisory Service can help farmers and crofters make woodland creation part of a long-term strategy for their businesses."

The Scottish Government will fund up to 80% of the cost of developing an ILMP – up to a maximum of £1,200.

To find out more about the FGS, please visit the Forestry Commission Scotland website

For more information on how to get support from FAS and chart a path to sustainable business development, please visit the advice and grants section of the FAS website for more information.