Funding to develop proposals for BIDs

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Grant funding is available for business groups and local bodies, working in partnership with their local authority, to develop proposals for Business Improvement Districts across Scotland.

A Business Improvement District (BID) is about businesses working together and investing collectively in local improvements, in addition to those delivered by the statutory authorities. These improvements will be of benefit to the businesses involved and also contribute to the wider aspirations of the local residential community and growing the local economy.

Seedcorn Grants of up to £20,000 are available from Business Improvement Districts Scotland (BIDS) to support the development of town and city neighbourhoods, tourism and visitor areas, rural areas, business and industrial parks, food and drink and single business sector BIDs such as textile or whisky.

The grants are available twice yearly with the application and award windows as below.

First application window

  • Applications accepted: 1 - 30 June
  • Award of grant week commencing 1st August
  • These dates allow for a ballot to take place in September, October and November the following year

Second application window

  • Applications accepted: 1- 30 November
  • Award of grant week commencing 16th January
  • These dates allow for a ballot to take place in February, March, April, May or June in the following year

Applications for grant which propose a ballot date outside of the above months as a result of local conditions or sector requirements may be considered separately. The BIDs Project Director should be contacted prior to submission of the grant application.

Visit the BIDS website for full information, including General Criteria and Guidance, and the Application Form.

If you have any questions you should contact Ian Davison Porter, Project Director BIDS, by emailing   

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