Great start for second GlenWyvis share offer

Glass with whisky in it
Jody Fleck

The world’s first 100% community-owned distillery, GlenWyvis, welcomed almost 150 new members on the day of the launch. The distillery already has some 2,600 original members who invested in the 2016 share offer and the new share offer was designed to capitalise on continued interest by opening the door to new members.  A total of over £75,000 was raised in the first 24 hours.

David O’Connor, chairman of GlenWyvis Distillery said:

“I’m delighted to see the response to this historic second share offer. It has been a fantastic 24 hours for the distillery. It’s very early days, and the numbers are continuing to rise, but long term we expect to see further peaks of interest around the distillery opening in November and for gifting at Christmas.”

The minimum investment is £250 for all investors and supporters can also pay extra to have their name added to the distillery wall or the ‘path to the stills’. An initial target of £750,000 has been set for the Open Share Offer – with funds being used to accelerate the distillery’s brand development plans and reduce commercial lending costs.

Investment can be made online via or