Help launch a new deal for the Scottish coast

New Economics Foundation

Would you consider recording a 60-90 seconds’ video saying why UK seas matter to you and to the economic sustainability of your town/community?

The New Economics Foundation is inviting people, communities, schools, non-governmental organisations and businesses, living and working on the Scottish coast, to help launch the Blue New Deal – a major new action plan for the future of coastal communities in the UK.

They need the videos, ideally by 10 November 2016.

You can share your video via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Make sure you use the hashtag #bluenewdeal and/or tag @NEF on Twitter.

On 17 November, the Foundation will host an event at Westminster with MPs across parties, and representatives from coastal areas, the coastal economy and relevant authorities. They want to show short videos of people from around the UK coast, so that the message for a Blue New Deal is coming from the coastal towns and communities themselves.

Ideally, it would be good to capture both the challenges and opportunities from your area. But if you have lots to say, then focus on the opportunities.

They have suggested the following:

  • "I live in [community/town]"
  • "We face problems with [e.g. unemployment, connectivity, housing, accessing finance, erosion, beach litter, the decline of our fishing community]."
  • "We need and we want to have real control in shaping the future of our area!"
  • "UK seas matter to me/us because . . . "
  • Optional, in case you have plans and ideas for your area already: "We have plans to do [your plans in 1-2 sentences], but we need [this] and [that] to make it happen."

The video can be recorded on a phone - it does not need to be a professional video - so perhaps do it by the seafront! It should take no longer than 90 seconds. The most important thing is that the sound is clear, so that everyone can hear what’s being said.

There’s more information on the Blue New Deal website.

If you can’t share it online, feel free to send it to