Help for Preparing for Sustainable Farming (PSF)

A red tractor with dribble bar spreading slurry
Sophie Law

In Spring 2022 the first part of the National test programme became live with the launch of Preparing from Sustainable Farming (PSF)

To support this, two tutorial videos have now been produced by The Scottish Government to help farmers and crofters submit claims for carbon audits and soil analysis, under PSF.

The aim of these videos is to ensure farmers and crofters are aware not only of the support available under PSF but how easy it is to claim – and to do so themselves without requiring an adviser.

Preparing from Sustainable Farming (PSF) will help ensure when the new rural support regime is introduced.  The Scottish Government will integrate enhanced conditionality of at least half of all funding for farming and crofting by 2025 and as part of this conditionality, recipients of support are expected to deliver on targeted outcomes for biodiversity gain and low emissions production.

Conditionality means that in the future Climate mitigation and how Biodiversity is looked after and encouraged by businesses, will be a condition businesses have to meet to receive agricultural support payments.

PSF focuses on incentives to farmers and crofters to help them understand their Carbon emissions and sequestration, identifying recommendations that can lower these emissions and increase efficiencies.

There are three options currently being funded in the first phase of PSF that Scottish farmers, crofters, and agricultural contractors can claim funding for;

  • Carbon Audits
  • Soil Sampling and Analysis
  • Animal Health and Welfare Interventions

You can view the videos at the links below:

Preparing for Sustainable Farming - Soil Analysis Claim - YouTube

Preparing for Sustainable Farming - Carbon Audit Claim - YouTube

For further information on schemes and PSF, head to the Rural Payments and Services website.