Local food for everyone

Baskets filled with apples from a community orchard
Sophie Law

Do you care where your food comes from? Share your ideas on what more can be done to create a future where all can enjoy locally produced food.

Everyone, from private individuals to businesses and organisations, is invited to help shape a local food strategy for Scotland. The Scottish Government have set up a consultation which is the first stage in a strategy to make high quality food accessible to all and promote the benefits of local food.

Scotland has one of the world's best natural larders. Whether it's our incredible seafood, a cut of the finest Scotch Beef, a bowl of hand-picked strawberries covered in organic cream, or a hearty baked potato with seasonal veggies – whatever your tastes or diet, you can find it in Scotland.

The people of Scotland deserve to have access to the best produce Scotland has to offer, whether they're growing it themselves, buying it directly from a local producer, choosing it at a convenience store or supermarket, being served it at school, or in any number of other settings. Low income should not be a barrier to a healthy, balanced diet.

The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change. More and more, people want to know where their food has come from – who made it, what conditions animals were kept in, how far it has travelled and how it supports local jobs and investment. Local food can offer a lot of the answers.

To have your say, please take part in the consultation. The consultation closes on 26 November.