'Lucky Ewe' founder receives prestigious Points of Light award

Joan Brown, the founder of 'Lucky Ewe'
Alan Robertson

The Farm Advisory Service (FAS) has extended warm congratulations to Joan Brown, the founder of 'Lucky Ewe', for receiving the prestigious Points of Light award from the UK Prime Minister.

The Points of Light award is a cross-party initiative that applauds exceptional volunteerism, charitable leadership, and community advocacy, and Joan's remarkable work with 'Lucky Ewe' has rightfully earned her the title of the 2117th recipient and the daily award winner for August 16th, 2023.

Joan Brown, hailing from Cupar in Fife, has exemplified the spirit of positive change within her community through her efforts in founding and managing 'Lucky Ewe', a pioneering farming charity. Established in 2020, this organisation has embarked on a noble mission – to provide meaningful work placements for young individuals with additional needs while fostering their rural skills development.

'Lucky Ewe' represents a shining example of the Farm Advisory Service's commitment to fostering innovation and progress within Scotland's farming and crofting communities. FAS was designed to offer practical information, guidance, and support to farmers and crofters, aligning with the needs of modern agricultural enterprises. With three different services that farmers can choose from, including Integrated Land Management Plans (ILMP), Specialist Advice, and Mentoring for New Entrants, the FAS empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of the rural sector and drive positive change within their communities.

"Joan's unwavering dedication to 'Lucky Ewe' and her commitment to fostering inclusivity and skill development in young individuals is truly inspiring," remarked Caroline Wood, Manager of the FAS One-to-one Programme. "We are immensely proud to have played a part in 'Lucky Ewe's' journey by providing mentorship through our Farm Advisory Service offerings."

The Farm Advisory Service (FAS) is a part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP), a collaborative effort co-funded by the European Union and the Scottish Government. The FAS provides farmers and crofters across Scotland with comprehensive practical information, advice, and support relevant to modern farming.

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