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Lady Haig's Poppy Factory: making poppies and wreaths
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Poppyscotland is developing the Moving Poppy – a mobile unit conceived as a unique legacy to commemorate the end of the First World War and to teach young people the ongoing importance of Remembrance and the significance of the poppy.

The Moving Poppy will be a free-to-access and accessible-to-all mobile community unit featuring a micro-museum and learning facility. It has been developed to support Poppyscotland’s ambition that every pupil in the country leaves school with an understanding of the relevance of the poppy, the heritage, history and contemporary significance of Remembrance, and a deeper appreciation of the importance of the organisation’s work.

Speaking about the project, Poppyscotland’s CEO, Mark Bibbey, said:

"It is critical to educate current and future generations about the cost of war and the ongoing need for the nation to remember and recognise the sacrifices it entails in the hope that contributes towards a more peaceful future – and that is exactly what the Moving Poppy will achieve."

The Moving Poppy will visit schools and community events throughout Scotland to share the heritage of Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory and explore what the poppy and Remembrance mean to people today. At present, the Lady Haig Poppy Factory, in Edinburgh, can only accommodate around 2,000 schoolchildren and 1,500 adult visitors annually – the vast majority from the City of Edinburgh and the Lothians.

By visiting schools, local communities and large public events, the vehicle will increase that to up to 50,000 individuals each year. This is key to ensuring equality of access to all, irrespective of age or location, and, by touring Scotland for more than 200 days annually, Poppyscotland is ensuring that those disadvantaged geographically or economically do not miss out.

The charity has created a survey to help with the process of gaining an understanding of what you think should be in the unit, what it should deliver for you and where it should visit. Poppyscotland understands that Remembrance and people’s feelings about conflict and the Armed Forces are personal, so please be assured that this survey is anonymous and there are no right or wrong answers.

We are interested in all points of view, so please click here to fill out the survey: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Poppyscotland_MovingPoppy