National Good Food Nation Plan consultation launched

Barley Harvest and Fishing Boats at Hilton Bay, Scotland
Alan Robertson

The Scottish Government has launched consultation on the National Good Food Nation Plan (NGFNP), seeking views on the plan.

The NGFNP is the first of many steps to progress food system transformation in Scotland. This consultation covers the content of the first NGFNP and asks for views on the national Good Food Nation Outcomes; ways of measuring progress; and how different groups envision life in a Good Food Nation.

The NGFNP sets out the following:

  • Part One outlines the history of the Good Food Nation in Scotland and highlights how the plan will take effect. 
  • Part Two proposes a set of six national Good Food Nation Outcomes and sets out how they were developed and how progress will be measured. We will ask you questions about the Outcomes as well as the measures.
  • Part Three highlights how working mechanisms within government will change and presents some of the key food related policies that are currently under way. It also presents what life would be like for different groups of people under a Good Food Nation. We are particularly interested in understanding if we have captured correctly what life should be like in a Good Food Nation.

As part of this consultation, views are also sought on specified functions, which will be defined in secondary legislation. Specified functions are very important as it is when Scottish Ministers are exercising these functions that the plan will take effect. Questions on specified functions will be asked after the section on the national Good Food Nation Plan. You can choose to respond to some or all of these questions.

Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Land Reform and Islands said:

“Producing food is at the heart of our coastal and rural communities, providing jobs, community and a way of life. Our fantastic food industry provides employment from the local farmers' market to the export of Scotland's finest produce across the globe. Food enables a healthy population to enjoy life to its fullest. Our establishment of the Good Food Nation body of work recognises this.

This first Good Food Nation Plan represents how the Scottish Government intends to work collectively together with the supply chain and with all parts of society in meeting our Good Food Nation ambitions. In our Good Food Nation, the people of Scotland can access and enjoy locally produced food that keeps them happy and healthy. Our food industry continues to thrive and grow. The environment is protected, biodiversity loss reversed, and our net zero ambitions achieved. A Good Food Nation enables flourishing rural and coastal communities”.

Consultation paper 

The consultation paper contains full background information for this consultation. You may find it useful to read or refer to while responding. There are also alternative formats of the consultation document so you can choose how you prefer to access this information:

  • You can view the national Good Food Nation Plan here
  • You can read the consultation paper here
  • You can access the consultation here