New green grant scheme opens

Girl planting vegetables in garden
Norette Ferns

Applications are now being accepted for a new grant scheme to support green community groups and environmental projects.

The funding from the Postcode Local Trust will encourage lasting benefits by bringing people together to improve local ecology and habitats, encourage biodiversity and benefit the wider environment.

Registered charities in England, Scotland and Wales can apply from £500 - £20,000 (£10,000 in Wales) for projects meeting the above remit, whilst other organisations may apply for up to £2,000.

Applications can be made online from 5 January until 29 January 2016.

Scottish Environment Minister Aileen McLeod said the funding supports the "transformation of our environment and create better places to live, work and visit".

Ms McLeod continued: "Being able to access high-quality greenspace can improve the health, wellbeing and confidence of people and communities."

Lang Banks, director of the World Wildlife Fund in Scotland, added: "This is fantastic news for the thousands of local, community-based environmental projects up and down the country."

Organisations are particularly encouraged to apply for sustainable projects which empower local people create new green spaces, restore and protect natural habitats, lesser their carbon footprint or generate greener, more efficient energy.

All applicants must read the Guidance Notes before applying – providing more details on eligibility and other criteria.

For more information, please visit the Applying for a Grant page of the Postcode Local Trust website or contact the Trust Helpdesk: