New scottish agri-science group established

Hannah Downey

A new industry led group to share, disseminate and encourage adoption of advances in agricultural science and technology has been established. The group will explore the opportunities surrounding agricultural technologies as a means of helping farmers maximise on farm efficiency and the subsequent economic and environmental benefits that this can bring.

The establishment of the new group is the fulfilment of a commitment made within the agriculture chapter of the recent Climate Change Plan, which was laid before Parliament earlier this year.

Robert Ramsay, chair of the new group said:

“My career to date has focused on delivering improvements in agricultural technologies to address inefficiency in the systems, and in trying to manage my own farm in a less carbon intensive manner in order to address these very issues. This will be an opportunity to help address such problems over a country rather than farm by farm. This is why I was delighted to accept chair of this group.”

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