Proposed circular economy bill consultation results published

Cover of Proposed circular economy bill consultation results
Alan Robertson

Today sees the publication of analysis of a consultation into a proposed Scottish Circular Economy Bill – ‘Delivering Scotland's circular economy: Proposed Circular Economy Bill - Consultation analysis’.

The Scottish Government has been highly active in driving the development of circular economy policies that will shape the future direction the country will take. While the government has made good progress over the years in increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, it recognises the need to develop a holistic Circular Economy Bill. In order to align this Bill with the views of Scottish citizens and businesses, a consultation was launched to gather feedback on the main proposals put forward.

The consultation opened on 30th May 2022 and closed on 22nd August 2022. Ricardo Energy & Environment (Ricardo) were commissioned by the Scottish Government to undertake the analysis of consultation responses. The overall aim of this report is to provide a robust analysis of the responses to the consultation on proposals for a Circular Economy Bill.

Full, detailed analysis of the responses was carried out and the published report provides a quantitative and qualitative summary of the key points and sentiments including 13 proposals for action.

This publication is currently being converted into accessible web content but in the meantime, the report can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format here