Research on inclusive growth and child poverty in Scotland published

Extract of front cover of inclusive growth and child poverty in Scotland report
Alan Robertson

Today saw the publication of research on how local and regional economic development policies can contribute to reducing child poverty in Scotland.

The Scottish Government commissioned this research from the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit at Glasgow-Caledonian University to evidence the extent to which child poverty is currently a focus for local and regional economic policy, and provide insight as to how economic development approaches can better contribute to reducing levels of child poverty in Scotland.

The views expressed in this report reflect the findings emerging from the research and observations from the researchers involved.

Context of the research

The Scottish Government has set in statute ambitious targets to significantly reduce levels of child poverty by 2030, with increasing income from employment identified as one of the three drivers to deliver this aspiration. Action to deliver on the ‘national mission’ to tackle child poverty entered a new phase with the launch of Best Start, Bright Futures, the second Child Poverty Delivery Plan in March 2022, which committed to strengthening collaboration and joined up working across departments, services, and sectors.

This research is particularly important given the developing cost crisis which has adversely impacted on rural and island communities

Find the full report here