Seafood Business Improvement Programme

seafood being cooked in hot pan
Sophie Law

Are you an onshore seafood business looking for support to upskill your team? 

Seafood from Scotland was set up ‘by the industry for the industry’ in 1999 to increase value of return to the Scottish seafood sector.

Working with their programme partners – Skills Development Scotland and the National Transition Training Fund – they have developed a compressive training plan to meet the needs of the seafood sector.

The funded training can be delivered in a variety of ways; from flexible, self-completed online modules to guided courses delivered virtually by expert tutors.

There are four key areas of training available:

1. Upskilling and multiskilling staff – training for employees and teams

  • Seafood-specific courses, including knife skills, fish quality assessment and fish frier and monger training
  • Business support, which covers product innovation, customer service and human resources
  • Marketing and development, including customer insight, digital and social media and web design

2. Business improvement and management development training.

  • Business planning, which includes elements such as strategy and leadership, financial planning and management and succession planning,
  • Support to move to new business models such as e-commerce, retailing and exporting

3. Career recruitment and retention toolkits for businesses

  • Helping you develop recruitment and retention policies for your business.

4. Process automation and business implications

  • Understanding what automation is and what it could do for your business
  • Auditing processing and manufacturing developments
  • Making businesses investor ready

5. Women in Seafood in Scotland

  • Return to work programmes
  • Mentors
  • Networking opportunities

To register for the Seafood Business Improvement Programme or to find out more information contact

To find out more about Seafood Scotland please check out their website here