"Stop The Spike" resource toolkit

Campaign poster with let's stop the spread text
Lisa Paton

With rising numbers of Covid cases, a new "Stop the Spike" campaign has launched, alongside a toolkit of resources to help spread the messages - please share widely.

The campaign aims to remind the public of the key safety measures they should continue doing to keep themselves and others safe. The campaign advises the public to: 

  • Keep mixing with others to a minimum
  • Try to meet people outdoors wherever possible
  • Try to keep a distance from others
  • Continue to wear face coverings when required
  • Continue to test regularly

‘Stop the Spike’ posters in A4/ A3 can be downloaded here.

The Safety Measures campaign aims to encourage people to continue following safety behaviours, including opening windows and doors when meeting indoors and highlighting how outdoor socialising is safest. Even if people are vaccinated, it’s important that people continue to follow the safety measures, to help stop the spike in cases. 

Safety Measures social films can be downloaded here and posters here

The new campaign ‘Wee Reminder’ looks to help ingrain twice weekly asymptomatic universal testing as a habit for people in Scotland. As cases are currently high, it’s important that everyone tests regularly to help find the virus and stop the spread.

Asymptomatic universal testing TV ad can be viewed here and posters here

Symptomatic Testing & Isolation campaign - even if we’re vaccinated, we can still get coronavirus and pass it on to others. It’s vital that even if we only have mild symptoms or asked to by the NHS, we self-isolate immediately and book a test. For financial and practical support, contact the National Assistance Helpline on 0800 111 4000.

The TV ad can be viewed here, social animations here and posters here

Vaccination - everyone aged 18 or over in Scotland should now have received an invite for their first COVID-19 vaccination appointment. However, many have still to come forward for their vaccine. It’s really important that all those eligible come forward as soon as possible and get both doses of the vaccine to ensure maximum protection from COVID-19.

Covid-19 vaccine social statics here, animations here and posters here