Strengthening Communities National Conference 2017

People in market place
Don Morrison

Strengthening Communities Conference - September 2017

A summary report from the recent ‘Strengthening Communities Conference' is now available.

The HIE event took place in Aviemore on 21-22 September 2017. Around 250 people attended from a wide range of organisations such as community groups, social enterprises, development officers, support agencies and policy staff who have a focus on community-led local development.

The process of strengthening communities was demonstrated through workshops, speakers, Q&A sessions as well as a market place which allowed for plenty of networking opportunities.

The conference celebrated that Scotland, in particular the Highlands and Islands, is leading the way when it comes to community development.  As more communities see the benefits of taking ownership of land and assets they must continue to engage young people and develop capacity to ensure future prosperity in each community.

In the summary report you can find out more about the conference including links to videos, presentations and speaker information.