Sustainability workshops for Perth and Kinross businesses

Janet Hunter
Alan Robertson

Businesses across Perth and Kinross will be able to benefit from a series of sustainability workshops being delivered by GrowBiz from next month.

As Scotland’s only organisation dedicated to supporting Scotland’s rural and island businesses, GrowBiz has benefited from a funding package from SSE Renewables’ Sustainable Development Fund. The funding supports projects that contribute to the long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability of local communities.

A series of four stand-alone workshops taking place between February and May will help micro-enterprises across Perth and Kinross find out how to become more sustainable and the benefits that this can bring to their business.

The Introduction to effective climate action for your business programme is being led by Janet Hunter, GrowBiz Strategic Lead, Net Zero & Climate Action (pictured).

She commented;

“This is a series of events for everyone who wants to know how to make their business more sustainable. We will talk about what Net Zero means for us all as small rural businesses, the opportunities and challenges, and look at how to create a climate action plan and to start taking action. These events are designed to be accessible, informal and interactive, allowing attendees to take the first steps on their net zero journey.”

The first two workshops will take place online, starting on 15 February with a session on the Circular Economy, delivered by Zero Waste Scotland.  Attendees will be encouraged to think differently about resources and will see how circular economy models are relevant to businesses across all sectors.

Helen Lavery, Partner, Regional Development, Zero Waste Scotland said;

“Zero Waste Scotland are delighted to be supporting GrowBiz in the upcoming workshop focused on circular economy business strategies. Transitioning to a circular economy is all about adding value to resources and designing out waste. Circular economy strategies can have a range of positive impacts for businesses; saving money, generating new revenue streams and demonstrating to customers that your business is serious about sustainability. We look forward to exploring these opportunities with rural businesses in Perth and Kinross.”

The Scottish government has committed to net zero by 2045, a shorter timescale than the UK as a whole. Micro enterprises and small business will play a key role in achieving this.

Research shows that the vast majority (93%) of Scotland’s rural businesses are currently taking some action(s) to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The top three actions are: recycling and minimising waste (89%), using more locally sourced supplies (69%) and improving energy efficiency of premises (48%).

The most frequently mentioned barriers to reducing greenhouse gas emissions were:  cost of making changes, lack of green transport options, and difficulty making existing premises more energy efficient, access to skills required and not knowing what’s needed or where to find advice.

The GrowBiz workshops are designed to address the knowledge gap and support micro-enterprises across Perth and Kinross to reap the benefits of sustainable practices across their businesses.

The Introduction to effective climate action for your business programme will take place online on 15 February and 19 March and in person on 30 April and 21 May.  Businesses can find out more by visiting