Think about what might be round the corner . . .

Man standing in road
Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland

A new campaign is urging drivers to take extra care on rural roads.

Country roads account for over a half of all fatal accidents on Scotland’s roads (52%).

Loss of control is the biggest cause of these deaths, and is often associated with driving too fast and leaving too little time to react to unpredictable road conditions and hazards.

The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland) have launched a new campaign to urge drivers to take extra care on country roads to help reduce the number of fatalities. The emotional campaign targets male drivers aged 22-40 and focuses on what they would miss if they weren’t around, with the strapline: "Don’t miss what’s round the corner. Watch your speed on country roads".

The campaign will clearly communicate that no matter how many times you drive a stretch of country road, it’s no guarantee that something unexpected won’t happen.

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