Update on innovation across Europe

Sheep and lamb in field
Ruth Macdonald, Scottish Rural Network

The latest newsletter from the European Innovation Partnerships in agriculture and forestry (EIP-AGRI) is now available.

Farmers and foresters from all over the European Union are trying out new ideas and finding solutions to problems with the help of researchers, vets and others. 

In France they are a looking at new ways to reduce lamb mortality. In Austria they are trying out different ideas for growing a greater variety of organic winter vegetables. In Germany, farmers, mills and bakers have come together to create a sustainable wheat value chain. 

Often this work goes unnoticed, which is one reason why EIP-AGRI recently published a leaflet with project case studies. 

An updated version of the EIP-AGRI brochure “Operational Groups-Turning your idea into innovation” is also now available. It gives information about finding project partners and sharing project information as well as hints and tips for running the project. 

Between 2014-20, 3,200 Operational Groups are expected to form. An Operational Group is a group of people who work together on an innovation project. It must include a farmer or forester as these projects should be practical not pure research. The results of the Operational Groups’ projects will be publically available, allowing others to benefit from these new ideas too.

You can find more information in the EIP-AGRI October newsletter

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