Views sought to help with future Capital Grant schemes

Mid 20s woman caring for tomato plants on smallholding farm⁠ (by JohnnyGreig - Canva)
Alan Robertson

A call to recipients of rural development funding to help with the development of potential future schemes has been made by the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government has launched a survey to collect the views and comments from receipients of three Capital Grants Schemes that were part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme. The schemes covered are:

  • New Entrants Capital Grant Scheme
  • Small Farms Grant Scheme
  • Crofting Agricultural Grant Scheme

As a farmer or crofter who has received any one or more of these grants, Scottish Government would like to hear about your experience of:

  • applying for and managing a grant
  • about the project you undertook
  • what difference (if any) this had on your business
  • what worked well or could be improved
  • and current support needs

Hearing about your experience and views will help Scottish Government learn lessons and provide user experience to inform the development of potential future schemes. 

The survey can be accessed here: Scottish Government Capital Grant Scheme Survey 

It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete the survey and any information that can directly identify you will not be included in any published reports nor in the final survey results data. The survey will close on Wednesday 12 June 2024 and funding recipients are encouraged to take part. 

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact: or